Posted by: Run For Life | 23 August, 2007

Runnin’ & Rockin’


Thanks to the guys from Burning Borders for putting this on their page!!!

Fundraiser updates: Here’s a link to the event (see above post) on facebook.  The Jeff O’Neil Morning show on 99.3 The Fox plugged it this morning thanks to Nathan!  Also, I just got confirmation that Molson Canadian is letting me give away some swag as well!In other news, yesterday was another good run at the NRL!  I got there a bit late but caught up to the group.  We did a speed workout, five repeats around Beaver Lake (1k) with two minute rests in between.  It was good to try to push myself on.  My knee started to bug me a little bit so I iced it when I got home.  I tried a different pair of Nike shoes and they were actually ok and I didn’t hate them, so that’s promising, haha.  I also need to remember to bring water or Gatorade because even in the evening it’s still hot enough out that I need to have something with me.


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