Posted by: Run For Life | 18 August, 2007

Woot woot!

Wednesday I went to the Nike Runner’s Lounge (NRL) for the first time in a few weeks. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, sunny, not humid, and hot out at 32 degrees! Three of us did hill repeats; it was a good yet hard workout. We did a light run from Coal Harbour up pipeline to the long hill in Stanley Park. There’s a definite incline but it’s pretty steady.

There was another huge running group (I’m thinking from the Running Room) of about twenty people also doing hill repeats. I like how only other runners can understand things like hill repeats, haha. The few tourists that passed by were looking at us all as if we were crazy. For the first time in a while my lungs hurt and though that’s not a pleasant feeling it was welcomed if that makes any sense.

After “we ate that hill for breakfast” (as one of the team members says) we did a light run around Beaver Lake and then headed back toward Coal Harbour and stopped at one of the bridges (kind of near the rowing club) and did a few more hill repeats there. That seemed easier because even though it was much steeper the length was a lot shorter. Then we took it easy when running back to the NRL. I walked past it for a cool down and stretched some. It was a great day!

Thursday I did some weight training so that was good…not much else to report on that.

Yesterday I went to the NRL again…and I had forgotten that they are closed on Fridays. RAWR!!! Which I was really disappointed in because I was looking forward to my run. The funny thing is that I was thinking about doing 1200’s at the gym’s track but decided I’d go for a trail run instead. So I figured I’d throw my gym bag in a bush and go for a run anyway but I was too worried someone would take it so I just ended up taking a long walk around Lost Lagoon, Second Beach and then all the way up to downtown. Because of a bad car crash on the Lion’s Gate Bridge transit and traffic was at a stand still for over two hours so walking was probably faster anyway. When I got home I did some pilates.

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