Posted by: Run For Life | 13 August, 2007

Lactic acid overload!!!

Yesterday I was able to go to the group training session for our weekly long run!!! I was a bit apprehensive though because I wasn’t sure that I would be at 100% and promised myself if the shins gave me any discomfort I would stop. Beforehand, Lorraine told us that she was running for a friend who has Hodgkin’s and has a 50/50 chance of survival…which is an important message because people usually associate Hodgkin’s with being the “curable” cancer but there is still a long way to go even with that type. This I think reminded us all of the reason we are running and to give us some focus.

It was SUCH a good run!!! I was SO happy to be running again. I didn’t have ANY pain in my shins at ALL; absolutely not even a twinge of hurt!!! That had me so ridiculously excited you wouldn’t believe it! The weather was great for running, the sun was out but it was cool, around 18 degrees. We started out at the False Creek Community Centre and went along the seawall around Kits Beach until we hit Point Grey Rd. There was a slight breeze by the beach and you could smell the saltwater and got a bit sandy, so great! The mountains had a lot of clouds around their peaks but you could still make most of them out.

When we reached Jericho Beach we took a washroom break and refilled the hydration belts. Then we kept running until the end of the big hill where Lorraine and Michael gave us Gatorade and water refills which was MUCH appreciated. They were surprised we made it up there so fast! Then we continued along a bit of a boring stretch where it was basically just road and trees…not much to see. After that we got into a beautiful residential portion near the university, the people I was pacing myself with and I talked about different houses and girly things like that.

Michael met us again at a park for another much appreciated water and Gatorade stop! We kept on going and finally reached Dunbar street where Alicia and Christian met us on their bikes, cheering us on (they are training for a tri.) We followed Dunbar to the stairs, down to the seawall, and stopped to stretch a bit and pick some wild blackberries which were very appetizing; they were definitely a welcomed treat and we probably stopped a bit too long to eat some, haha.

We picked up our running again following Kits Beach and it was raining lightly at this point, which was a nice cool-down. We stopped at a fountain to refill our hydration belts…I think our pace had slowed down considerably by this point. Once we got back to the Community Centre we stretched out for a while and called it a day.

It was great how even into a hour and a half of running it doesn’t seem like much anymore, haha. The tiredness comes in waves when doing the long runs. Sometimes I’ll think I could kick it up a notch and then others it’s just keeping one foot in front of the other. At no point on this run did I feel like stopping though. I was worried all the biking and elliptical training wouldn’t be sufficient but I guess it was!

Today I was a bit stiff but my calves and shins are not at all! It’s mainly my back which feels like it’s in a thousand knots, lol. I am incredibly glad I took all the time off I needed to make sure my shin splints healed fully and that I was able to complete this run without problems!! SO EXCITED for next week!! It was also wonderful to see the team again and be able to chat with them while running. For sure this was a highlight in my week!!!

Here’s the route we completed (I put the start and washroom markers in the wrong spots just ignore that):


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