Posted by: Run For Life | 7 August, 2007

Humid days are a good excuse to hit the gym

Man alive, I need to come up with better titles to these entries, eh?! I’ll try to work on that…

DUDES!!! Today was foggy, rainy, and a bit muggy out.  I hit the good ol’ gym but stuck to the elliptical where I completed a half hour “cross country” workout that had me dripping with sweat.  The gym was also conveniently out of sweat towels today during the time I was there.  Pleasant!!! (really that was super gross…and I had actually tossed my towel out of the gym bag to make room for a book, ppfffttt!!!) ANYWAY I’m sure you all wanted to hear about that…I proceeded to then tackle la bicyclette.  I went with a fat burning programme and this was not nearly as sweat-inducing as the elliptical trainer much to my happiness.  Very boring though 😛 Then later tonight I did my core work and I’m pleased to say I’m well on my way to getting back my diver abs, woot woot!

I also did another product test (I really should be getting paid for these!!)  I tried the LUNA bar S’mores Flavour;

LUNA bar - S'mores flavour

these bars are supposed to be specifically catered towards women.  It doesn’t taste like an energy bar at all. It’s more like a puffed soy treat with chocolate on the bottom.  It was tasty and my tummy had no complaints, either.  70% organic ingredients as well.  Next on the list to test are more glycogen & electrolyte replacements: the Clif Shot Bloks, PowerBar chocolate gel, and PowerBar double latte gel (what?! I was apparently on a chocolate kick while shopping this week :P)
I don’t think that I’ll be going to the Runner’s Lounge tomorrow…I will head to the gym instead.  I just want these stupid shins to heal 100% and I don’t think I’ll be able to refrain from stopping if there is some pain running tomorrow.  HOPEFULLY I can join the group on Sunday’s run ::crosses fingers::

Mini rant: women should not wear their sport bras and shorts that rival underwear while working out in a gym.  You are in a gym.  Not a “who has the least amount of class” contest.  ICK.  In my opinion the gym is an inappropriate place to try to pick up a date. /end rant.

Ok, I realise I’ve babbled on waaaay too much this entry.  Kudos if you actually READ it all!

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