Posted by: Run For Life | 31 July, 2007

Track workout

Well today I planned on hitting the elliptical trainer and bike again but I realized too late that I left the gym pass at home. Whoops (stupid me!) So I headed out to the track…still unsure of my shins and hoping I’d be able to do a little work. I ran for fifteen minutes and then did another five of running crossovers. I could feel a bit in one spot but my calves didn’t seem to tense up as they have in the past; so that was good. I walked and stretched a bit after that and then did some core work on the grass next to the track. Then I ran a little bit more (maybe another ten minutes) and stretched again before calling it a day. The track was definitely easier to run on with not as much impact. I suppose I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see if my shins hurt at all…but let’s hope for the best, eh?


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