Posted by: Run For Life | 28 July, 2007


This is a virtue I do not possess very much of in certain circumstances. I find it extremely irritating to have to wait for something I want right now!  Running (and sports in general) is not something I like to hold myself back on.  I am craving a run like nobody’s business but I know I cannot go yet. 😦 The biking and elliptical just don’t cut it for me; my mind doesn’t equate that to running a marathon even though I know it’s helping.

After my little “test” run my calves are tight (not nearly as bad as they were.) So I’ll still need some time off.  This is super disappointing.  I talked to one of my team members that usually gives me a lift to the Sunday’s GTS (group training session) and told her I’d be missing another run. Stupid shins!  The GOOD news is that she and her cousin raised around an incredible $5,000.00 from the pub night they held yesterday evening, yay!!

I love running.  I remember when I thought running for a few minutes without walking seemed taxing.  When I first got into it having to give myself pep-talks in order to actually get out there and run.  Now, it’s hard to refrain myself!

Haven’t done cardio (besides walking) since Thursday’s run.  I’ve been doing a lot of core workouts the past few days – washboard abs here I come (ok maybe not to that extreme!!) Now if only my butt would become buns of steel….I digress, time to end this post. 🙂


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