Posted by: Run For Life | 26 July, 2007


I think my brain went on holidays today! So I wasn’t feeling any pain in my shins while walking and when putting pressure on them they still didn’t hurt.  So I thought I would try out an easy run being that it was an incredibly beautiful day.  So I went to the Nike Runner’s Lounge (to which I will now abbreviate as the NRL) and headed off.

I warmed up really well by walking for ten minutes and then once I got to Lost Lagoon I started to run (figured it would be best to avoid pavement right now.)  I was going at a pretty decent pace; kicked it up because my Dr. said the faster you go the better it is on the shins.  Then around ten minutes after running I could feel a dull ache in my left shin, right where the worst one was.  So I walked and then stopped at a bench to stretch my calves and shins.  Then I walked some more.

At this point I was on a trail in Stanley Park that not many tourists venture into. It was very quiet and thanks to all that rain last week the smell of the leaves and soil were more apparent than usual.  I love how the massive trees create a canopy overhead and the sunlight trickles through in spots.  My leg was feeling better and I thought maybe the walking and stretching had helped.  So I went full speed but only for about two minutes because the dull ache returned.  It is not bad and normally something I would have run through; I just wanted to stop at any sign of discomfort because I believe that means it isn’t fully healed yet and I’d rather not risk further complications.

So instead of turning around I walked a bit farther into the forest and laid down on one of the massive tree stumps.  It was very meditative and relaxing to let my thoughts go and just be.  I usually get into that state while running and was happy that despite the run wasn’t as much of one as I hoped that I could still release my stressful thoughts.

Then on the way back I sprinted once I was at the seawall through the throngs of tourists back to the NRL.

These are the reasons I was scatterbrained today:

  • It was 27C out, even with the shade I should have still brought some water or Gatorade with me. IDIOT. Don’t do that again!
  • I’ve been stressed the past couple of days. My caloric intake for the day has been a meager 617 calories (including a post run gatorade) It seems that I have turned into one of those people who don’t eat when stressed (I used to be opposite.) This is NO good. Both are bad habits and I need to pay attention more to this.  Passing out = not good.
  • I brought my camera with me to the NRL so that I’d be able to take some pictures along the trails.  I forgot to use it.


  • The Propel water grape flavour reminds me of the grape medicine you used to get as a kid. Gross. It was free though so I drank it haha.

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