Posted by: Run For Life | 25 July, 2007

My hair (this IS in fact running related!)

I randomly just decided in the shower tonight that if I can raise $10,000.00 or more I will hack off my hair for donation to one of the Canadian Cancer Society’s approved wig makers that goes to those with cancer. So you might all be thinking it’s not a big deal but to me it is.  My hair is currently butt length, extremely thick, not chemically treated, and I love it.  So while hair does grow back it would be something personally very meaningful for me to let go of.  So please direct people to my blog and maybe you’ll see me with a ridiculously short hair cut before I run my marathon.

Oh and I just wanted to throw this out there because I know I post a lot about trying to get fundraising but I certainly do not want ANY of you to feel guilty if you cannot contribute financially. Right now I can’t contribute to myself even!  Just knowing I have people who care about my training and the ultimate cause is great.

It was recently brought to my attention that people without vox blogs can’t leave input on here (boo to that!) You can always fire me an e-mail if you have any comments about my posts!


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