Posted by: Run For Life | 24 July, 2007

I’m not a gym rat

Before I go into today’s workout lowdown I have some awesome news! One of my best friends has generously donated $150.00 to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society! Thanks so much again, Sara!

I had another workout at the gym today. It was my “long run” equivalent and I did 15k on the bike and another 6k on the elliptical trainer. It went well, I was sweating though didn’t feel I was working as hard if I had been on a run, even with the resistance cranked. My shins and calves were definitely bothering me a lot today and I’m not really sure why. Hopefully they’ll return to normal soon because I don’t want to be a gym rat unless I have to be (read: -40C outside!) I iced it for an hour after and now they seem to be a bit better. ::cough:: still won’t turn down a personal masseuse ::cough::

Oh but here is some JUICY news my friends….When I was showering I used my Ultra Swim (because I finally got my diving stuff back from Calgary) and the smell alone, and using my chamois as a sweat towel in the gym (yeah, I know you care SO much about that…) I was wistful for the pool. So on Wednesday I am going SWIMMING my friends. It shall be FANTASTIC. I also might attempt a few dives (we’ll see though…that could be asking for trouble with me). I know you’re probably all thinking I’m crazy to be excited over swimming but I have a love affair with water in general and any type of sport in it.


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