Posted by: Run For Life | 20 June, 2007


Today I was mega-stressed out, boo to that.  So I REALLY was looking forward to my run at the lounge.  I borrowed the shoes and iPod again today and just ran!  I was supposed to only go for 40 mins but ended up doing over an hour…um, whoops…but I needed it in order to melt away my worries.  I went around a portion of Lost Lagoon and then back through some trails and then along the seawall a bit to finish up.  The trail was gorgeous and no one else was around which I relished!  Once again it was around 22 degrees but there was a great breeze along the wall and through the trails the shade from the trees made it cooler, too.

Technology-wise the run was a success; I am finally getting used to the iPod and Nike+ system. I had the songs on “90’s playlist” which was a bit more my taste than Tuesday’s tunes.  Though I still think I prefer to run without music..I did turn the volume down so I couldn’t hear it for a good 20 minutes because I wanted to listen to the water 🙂  I think the next time I use it I will just use the no music option.

Oh, and when I uploaded my info to the Nike+ website I wasn’t paying too much attention to it, just noticed it said 12.5k for the day…well when I got home and looked I guess it had transferred a bunch of runs onto my account, oops.  So I THINK I found my actual run, which was logged as 9.04k in 52mins (though for 10 minutes I had not started the iPod) My estimate is 11k. (I think the 12.5 wasn’t mine along with some others.)

The PHYSICAL running itself wasn’t as stellar as usual because I had more fluctuations in pace and my knee was acting up again, that little bugger!  Then my calves started to go spastic on me 😛  I think that’s because I hadn’t eaten or hydrated enough prior to the run. You’d think I would have the nutrition down but apparently not.

Part of the reason I love running so much is because of the freedom it holds.  It’s also empowering for me.  I felt pretty agitated beforehand but while I was running I could sort through my thoughts and then just enjoy running for the sake of running.  I thought about cancer a lot and it helped put my woes into perspective.

Later in the evening there was a social for the team which I enjoyed!  Because I ran earlier in the day I missed the GTS.  It was good to see everyone again!  We mainly talked about random things and also a lot about fundraiser’s so that was nice!  I’m in the midst of trying to plan some so hopefully they’ll go over well!

*I am aware that sometimes I am a dork.

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