Posted by: Run For Life | 19 June, 2007

Mini run

I went to the lounge today and borrowed a pair of runners, ipod, sport kit, armband, locker, and a shirt!  (They are probably all sick of me by now, haha.)  I went on a 30 minute run and got farther than I thought I would.  I just followed the seawall…went to the gun and back.  It was a hot day (23)…well, compared to the past little while.  I really need to purchase a hydration belt soon.  This run was fine because it wasn’t for long.

I had a great run!  The shoes felt a million times better than the other pair I had tried last week.  I actually logged the workout with minimal issues (I didn’t know how to manipulate the volume).  I listened to the “1/2 Marathon playlist” which was…not exactly my music taste haha.  It was upbeat though…which I guess is the point 😛

Once I returned from my run I got a free shirt for going there so many times, woot woot!

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