Posted by: Run For Life | 13 June, 2007

Lost Lagoon Run

I had another GTS run at the Nike Runner’s Lounge today and it was great, as usual!  We ran a little under 10k I think: going around Lost Lagoon, through the Stanley Park Rose Garden and a bit of trail, back to the seawall, past the lighthouse and totem poles, back into Coal Harbour.  It was a fantastic route!  All of the running in Vancouver is but I really enjoyed the variety of this one!  The weather was at a perfect temperature for the run and rain clouds were looming but I guess they were just being threatening, haha.

It was a bit bizarre because the last time I had been through that portion of Stanley Park was the day of my grandmother’s funeral.  I was tempted to cry a bit but I held it in; the run was emotionally cathartic for that reason, which is always good….I don’t even know why I felt like crying per-say I suppose it was more out of happiness that she is no longer in pain and of course because I do miss her.

My knee was bothering me again on this run (it had stopped for quite some time so I don’t know why it decided to flare up again ::shakes fist!!::) One of the employee’s at the lounge said it is my IT band (which I suspected but wasn’t positive) and was nice enough to run with me at a slow pace (I was the last one today but it doesn’t bother me, I completed my run!!)  I think I finished in an hour ten minutes, so that’s still a decent pace.

While running with him we chatted about running and sports in general he’s completed three marathons so far and asked me what made me join TNT as opposed to just running.  So I replied that I was already wanting to run a marathon and that raising money for cancer was an even better reason to do it and I also thought the group runs would be nice to have.  He said he raised money for the Diabetes Association for one of the marathons and that he also really liked the GTS’ and being able to run for more than personal fitness.

This made me think about the runners that I’ve met in general and I think that largely the running community has a lot in common: we all like to compete, possess a great deal of determination, and a great one is that we want to help others if possible.  Even just doing runs by myself; passing runners always smile or nod.  I have also never met a runner I don’t get along with!

Despite feeling a bit emotionally overwhelmed and my knee bothering me a bit this run was fantastic in my book!  I love the clarity that comes with running, today was no exception!

Now for a tangent: NUTRITION!  I mentioned in a previous post that I needed to be watching more closely my caloric intake.  However, today after the run I realized I had at best 700 calories today so far so I still need to work on watching this.


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