Posted by: Run For Life | 11 June, 2007

Mmmm stress relief!

Monday was supposed to be a recovery day; however, I found myself wanting to go on a run too badly due to the day’s stress.  I did an evening run, the weather was the perfect temp for a run!  I didn’t plan out my route and made it up as I went along which was a bit frustrating because I didn’t know where the sidewalks ended, ran along heavy traffic roads, etc. so I will definitely stick to planning things out beforehand.  After my run I went to the athletic park and did some cross training as well.

I don’t know how much distance I clocked because my pedometer fell off.  I ran for 45 minutes of what I would describe as, “run as fast as you can until your lungs burn” then I kept up that pace by splitting the route into increments “make it to the blue house”, “now to the streetlight”, “go to the stop-sign” etc.  I’m guessing I did at least 9k.  Then I did the cross training for about ten minutes I think; maybe a little longer.

Afterward I felt fabulous! I was sweating like something else and breathing a bit heavier than I should have but if I don’t push myself I won’t get anywhere!

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