Posted by: Run For Life | 10 June, 2007

Making progress

It was another GTS this morning and I was, like last week, pretty tired.  My friend was in town from Calgary so we were able to get together over the weekend.  It was fabulous seeing her again, having lots of fun and laughter, although we consumed too much food and stayed up way too late, haha.  Definitely worth the lack of sleep to see her!!

At our meeting point, one of the ladies on our team shared her reason for training with us.  She had leukemia ten years ago and was one of the lucky ones that survived.  She shared with us that it was a 50/50 chance and in the past ten years, those stats have not changed.  She also mentioned that the other patients she met during her hospital stay had passed on or are no longer functioning as they were prior to the cancer.  She is also on the board of directors for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and said this is her first time participating in Team in Training and is really glad for it!  With the money we raise for research and patient care we CAN make the odds better than 50/50 for those diagnosed.  This is why I run.

About the run itself: weather-wise it was overcast and threatening to rain; there were a few sprinkles throughout the run but it wasn’t soaking wet.  I forgot my jacket though so I was cold once we finished, during the run I was fine!  We went along kits beach and over to Point Grey road up to Alma.  It was a good combination of ocean running and street running!  I made a decent time and was proud of myself! It’s definitely getting easier and easier on the runs.  I think I will start to incorporate more fartleks and add in hill training soon.

On the way home I could barely keep my eyes open and once there I then immediately fell asleep for EIGHT hours haha.  I woke up at 20:00…oops!  I certainly needed that rest though!!

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