Posted by: Run For Life | 3 June, 2007

Longer Run & Surprises!

Sooo this day was a long and hot run!  We were supposed to go 10k but my pedometer clocked in at 15k (we took some wrong turns, haha)  The route was gorgeous though: starting at Granville Island, going around Science World and the Plaza of Nations, past the Burrard St. Bridge, around English Bay, and finally back across the bridge to Granville Island again.

I was BLOODY ready to not come either this morning because I was up at 06:30 Friday and stayed up until around 11:00 Saturday morning – all with no sleep!  Why, might you ask was IP1000758 this crazy?  I was Co-chairing the On Site Activities for the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.  So I was helping to set up, volunteering, on a team, etc. – always doing something throughout the event.  It was worth the slight sunburn and sleep deprivation though!  My pedometer clocked 37.14k from all of that!

I was taking it slowly this morning, and that was fine by me.  The absolute highlight of my day though was LITERALLY  running into an old teacher/friend of mine that I have not seen for a few years!!  He and his now wife actually first got me to take interest in running (a group of us would run after school – there we go with irony again, haha.) That was just so awesome beyond what I can describe here!!!  We didn’t get to chat long since we were all out for a morning run but they now are blessed with a beautiful one month old baby girl whom I got to see because they were using one of those running strollers. (Note to self: no excuse not to run if you ever become preggers.)  Totally made my day…actually, my week!

P1000716Yet another one of life’s ironic twists is that his wife is a cancer survivor (I cannot remember what type though.) So on top of feeling elated to see him, her, and their newborn…having just done the Relay for Life and now being out running with Team in Training I remembered this and it has given me yet another reason to run this marathon.  Another person the money raised can (or has) helped for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

It was all in all an incredible day and I was so elated at the end.  It was definitely worth it to suck it up and get out of bed this morning.



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