Posted by: Run For Life | 30 May, 2007

Nike+ with the iPod Nano

You’ve probably all guessed by now that I was at the Nike Runner’s Lounge again for this mid-week GTS.  My knee was feeling much better following Sunday’s “ankle discovery” I have not been wearing a brace (don’t want to become reliant on it) but have really been concentrating on how my feet land on the pavement and so far,  so good.

So today I had one of the lounge employee’s look at my feet/walk and suggest a different pair of Nike shoes.  I also got to test out the iPod Nano with the shoes.  If you don’t know, what this does is tracks your run (how long you run, how far, average pace, etc.) and you can listen to music at the same time!  GREAT concept.

However, never having used an iPod before I wasn’t sure on how to control the recording and play music.  I started off ok (or so I thought) until I realized it wasn’t tracking my distance.  One of my team-members helped me out and started it for me properly!  Though…then I somehow managed to “end workout” before I was done…lol.  I also am not a person that runs with music.  To me, I love being able to hear the sound of my feet hitting the pavement, focusing on my breathing, etc.  I also think it’s a bit safer to run without any music.  Anyway, I found it a huge annoyance that the songs on the iPod weren’t all my taste.  Of course I knew they wouldn’t be and they did have a wide selection on the Nano…I just couldn’t use it properly again.  I somehow got stuck on pop/rap music (which I can’t stand) and then some JoJo album I’ve never heard of kept repeating (which in my opinion was utter crap).  I kept trying to get to the Alternative Rock playlist or the 90’s Music one but couldn’t.  Being the impatient person I sometimes am, I took out the earbuds and just kept running.

I’ll have to go there early and learn the iPod controls and then give it another shot.   The competent people that tried it seemed to enjoy it though 😉

All in all I think this run was 6k again and yes, I felt good though I was a bit slower than usual.

Oh yes, I also went to a seminar on ways to help my fundraising…which I need because people still haven’t donated anything to me yet!


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