Posted by: Run For Life | 27 May, 2007

Another Early Sunday

Today it was up super early again for another morning workout.  I was feeling pretty cozy in my bed, not going to lie…but knowing how much I’ve been enjoying the GTS’s I got out of bed fairly quickly!  I managed to get to Granville Island early today and chatted a bit with people before we started our 6k run.  The morning was fairly warm but EXTREMELY windy.  It was funny though because I felt better running against the wind on the way up the route rather than running with the wind on the way down.  Who knows why but oh well!

I have been having some issues with my right knee hurting and I figured maybe it was compensating for my stupid ankle, lol.  My runners are not old at all so that isn’t the problem.  During my weekly runs I put on a tensor bandage but it didn’t seem to do much.  I did take an extra rest day this week because it was very painful at one point.  On this day though I put on one of my ankle braces and found that it helped my knee tremendously!  So even though I started off concerned the run felt great and my sleepiness wore off pretty quickly!  Afterwards, two members offered me a ride home since they live near me so that was nice to not have to take transit back 🙂


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