Posted by: Run For Life | 23 May, 2007

Nike Runner’s Lounge

This was the second GTS and it was fantastic!

We met at the Nike Runner’s Lounge in Coal Harbour.  It is absolutely GREAT!  I got there about an hour early (oops for not paying attention to the meeting time.) At the lounge they store your stuff, let you try Nike shoes and other gear, will lend you iPod Nano’s and the Nike+ SportKit to track your progress, give massages, and have Gatorade & granola on hand.  All for free!  They don’t sell any products there so you won’t get pressured to buy anything.  On Sunday’s they even have a post run waffle breakfast.  Plus, the staff is pretty knowledgeable so if you get a chance stop by (yes, that was a shameless plug.)

Anyway, onto the run: I tried a pair of Nike shoes for this one…they were alright but I like my asics better.  I ended up running a longer route than most and went about 7.5k.  Coal Harbour is so incredible to run around!  Went from the Lounge past the totem poles and the cannon up to the lighthouse and back.  It was amazing.  You could smell the ocean and the temperature wasn’t too hot and the sun was beaming.  Once again, I felt great during the run and after.

I met some more cool people on our team this day and we went for sushi afterwards which was fabulous, too!


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